I believe in giving discounts to organizations who are in it to help others more than they are to make money.

That's why any qualifying nonprofit organization can save up to 15% on any of my company's services.

So be sure to let me know you're a nonprofit when you call or email!


Goodwill Industries School Retention

In Denver, I spent a year volunteering with an amazing organization, Goodwill Industries, in their 9th and 12th grade retention program. Now that we have relocated to Austin I hope to connect with the same program there and get back at it!

Learning Ally

I am excited about volunteering with the Austin office of Learning Ally (formerly Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic)! Though my health has prevented me from volunteering as much as I would like, I am enjoying learning their process for converting reading materials of all kinds (and on all sorts of topics!) to audio format.


Rices' Radical Sabbatical

My husband Tim and I are presently on a full-time RVing adventure. We have been on the road since June 28, 2010, and have driven to Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, Maine, the Gulf Coast of Alabama, and Minnesota in that time, towing our Trailmanor RV some 14,000 miles in that time! We spend winters in Austin, Texas, while Tim coaches a private high school girls’ basketball team. We blog occasionally about the lessons we are learning by having two mobile businesses and living/working in 215 square feet at RicesRadicalSabbatical.com. You’re invited to follow along! Or, like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter!

I Went RVing

I often embark on personal photography or writing projects. Right now I'm resuming a blog that showcases stories and photographs of full-time RVers. It’s called I Went RVing, and when you visit, leave a comment letting me know you were there!

Ph.D. Studies

Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership

I am currently a full-time grad student at the University of the Rockies in addition to my other activities. The degree is almost completely online with 6-week classes taken back-to-back-to-back. As you can imagine, the significant amounts of reading and writing that comprise any good Ph.D. program challenge me to manage myself (since I cannot manage time--it marches on without me!) with efficiency. I hope to finish in 2013!